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Rintaro Matsunobu


To be a philosopher means to travel all the time; questions in philosophy are more essential than answers.  (Jaspers)

 Since I had interest in the wisdom of philosophy, I tried to deepen my philosophical view by reading books or else, I noticed one thing. Every extreme of philosophy leads in to expression such as “said to be anything”. This is not “thought” created by slipshod manners, but “philosophy” in which seriously built in sixteen of my life. I think this phrase “said to be anything” reflects the thought of Jaspers which said “question in philosophy are more essential than answers” and it shows the significant evidence.

 The first thing that I want you to pay attention to is that question to philosophy is generally formatted by languages. You might think that this is natural, but I make a point of “ethics by languages”. That’s because languages are media of expression which has lacked in ethics, and it’s not “perfect”.

 For example, let’s say one person found an object called A in his sight and said “There is A in my front”. Here, this person was vaguely “felt” the A in sight, hearing, and smell until then, but after uttering, he asserted the existence of the object A. However, does A really exist there? There are possibilities like he had cerebral paralysis or visual impairment, and the existence itself might be in his mind only. Of course, if in ethics it is unable to never think about those possibilities. So, this person got prejudice in persist in information by expressing his thought. This kind of “gap in ethics” is just an example. It is applicable to everything we live and feel. Even you see it, it doesn’t always exist. You might touch and feel, you might smell, and even you might hear, the object might not exist. Yes, we ourselves might not exist too. Next, many people premise the thought from the existence of something, but this state might be on the state of nothing. I noticed this when I was in second-year junior high school, but I was sympathized very much at that time. However, it seems to be absurd. If we live in a virtual world and ourselves doesn’t exist as each, our thinking exists. Chiefly, if we live in a state of nothing, there are no energies to make ourselves think, but still, you only could settle like that in present physics which only has small insight, and it’s different from the essential physics. You could say that those kinds of ethics themselves are parts of the persisting information of greasy prejudice. Again for confirmation, even you see, it’s not absolute that it exists. Present physics stands on the supposition of existence of object, insistently. It all depends on the existence, so it might be impossible to explain the non-existence. It is very hard to think about state that nothing exists, harder than us in 3D world think about 4D or 5D worlds, indeed. That’s because present physics sense forms our public sense. Present physics stands on pile and repetition of supposing. From the ethic accuracy’s point of view, “first suppose the existence of space and time, then suppose of substance. Next, suppose the existence of atomic nucleus and electron and electrons revolving around nucleus…” and that’s how supposed world has supposed incident. This kind of chain applies to the universal theory or the quantum theory, this is “normal”. Yes, it is most dangerous to be this kind of “normal”. To think normal, makes thought to assert things, and what means by normalizing those things is same as justification to lack of ethics. The reason for that is the saying; you could see but it might not exist, which explains as assertion don’t ever think about possibilities of others and what is bases of assertion stands on the other supposition or assertion, which happens out to be breakdown of logic. That is to say, to assert is fundamentally in lack of logic.

 By the way, I have been writing about misunderstanding that people of today might think, but cause of the parent of vices operates on to these. After I have been suffering about, I found this very recently. The answer to this is “language”. The term language was born from the rationalization of communication from the beginning, and they abstract detailed description and format similar substances to united expression, the “words”. Language is the composition of the “words”. Now, this abstraction of detailed description is the most eccentric question. Think about it, that I have been contradicting to assert. Why then I have been using “is” and not “might”? I either, pick rationalization in order to make sentences and have lack in logic. In the strict sense of the word, “the phrase `I have lack in logic` is the proper expression” could be acceptable. By the way, this nature of languages is not only in Japanese, but in English or Chinese. Their language’s verbs have stronger meaning of assertion than Japanese, so the matter is worse. Perhaps no languages could get out of this nature. Then, the primary cause is on “abstraction of detailed description”. Rather, the language that doesn’t abstract won’t work as in means of communication. That is, impossible things are inevitably arising because of us using logics in the place of rationality.

 To gouge the blemish of language in logic, you could say that language is a medium of expression. It is expression, not nature, meaning there is no perfect expression. Since it’s a medium of expression, it’s eternally impossible action to unwillingly act to suppose and make appropriate logic because you can’t recreate expression to nature. Just to make sure, the word nature in this passage does not means as the present object, but situation that we get influenced on.

 Now, this logic could be compared to the star which has continued to expand and it’s almost at its death. If then, I would have trigger for supernova. I was able to bring this from first, but I did it on purpose. I wanted you to feel how the language is weak, and how we have been affected by. This trigger would finish the “language”.

 The meaning of that is existence and logic themselves are only concepts in language, and all kinds of targets of recognition applies to them. At least, everything I could write and talk about is on the concepts of languages, and those who aren’t only exist in our mind, which represents as the logic without language. To explain this is very difficult, because if that’s the concepts of languages, then you can’t use them to explain them. Still, please think about it. I’m saying over and over again, but language is born from the pursuit of rationality, ant it’s expression, not nature. That is to say, the noun “expression” means of phenomenon in which we get influenced on, not existence itself. From the gap of logic, what we get influenced on is different from what we represent a “thing” as existence. This is the reason why what we speak and write is just a concept of language.

 Unfortunately in me, this supernova doesn’t happen out to be a pulsar but a black hole. How we think doesn’t matter for languages in our mind system, and it comes out to be something that we-can-do-nothing. Just to say, this will level from the root in soil what humans have been constructing until today. However, even if this black hole is an outcome of the supernova, it is impossible for the space to be an outcome of the Big Bang. Language itself is only a concept which stands as a little star in the space. By the way, I first said that “all philosophy’s extreme is only said to be anything”. Revealing, these are not only influenced in philosophy, but if it’s constructed in languages, “said to be nothing” will be the most appropriate. Even if you state this without saying “our language in our mind system is only a concept in language,” you still could say from “lacks of logic because of assertion,” explained in the topic of a thing you can see, but it might not exist. Surely, in extreme of philosophy, things “said to be anything” is the suitable expression, so the genuine answer of philosophical question is also explainable with “said to be anything”, even if they exist or not. This is my dignified opinion.

 Meanwhile I often hear that philosophy is useless in the real world, but is that really? At least I don’t think so. I can’t think of the learning that’s more practical than philosophy. The reason why I noticed it is because I had a white hole against the black hole I have been dragged in. That white hole is, pretended multi-notation thinking that I discovered. For example, if I point at a thing and said “this is not A,” then if you thought that it’s B, that’s binary notation thinking. If you thought that it’s B or C, then you are trinary notation thinking. These less-notations thinking namely don’t think if there might be a probability of D, E, or others. Yes, this is same as in the means of “even if you see, it might not exist”. I noticed that as Jaspers said, that “questions in philosophy are more essential than answers,” to illuminate the questions completely is the most important will. If you have multi-notation thinking, you could pay attention to the possibilities and don’t carelessly decide the object is what. This multi-notation thinking evades assertion as possible as you could, and it will improve the accuracy of logic. Thankful to this, now I could get into the black hole whenever I want to, and made me possible to have logical mind that’s practically accurate, in order to live in the present society with languish thinking. Philosophy may be “philosophied” by the people who don’t even think about philosophy. I am one of them. These would take place in the “entrance” of all of the learning. I could not explain by words how broad the domain of philosophy is. I think as Jaspers said, that probably the people who “philosophy” travels “universe” what you don’t get to the answers. I too, would like to keep swimming in the “universe of philosophy”.


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